Stanford University: Fostering Academic Excellence

Our Collaboration

At NABCO, we are deeply invested in supporting higher education institutions, and our collaboration with Stanford University speaks volumes about this commitment. Stanford University, a prestigious educational institution, is recognized for its commitment to fostering academic excellence, promoting innovative research, and preparing students to become future leaders.

Our services contribute to creating optimal environments for this pursuit of excellence to flourish. Stanford University has benefited from NABCO's extensive expertise in creating optimal research environments. Projects such as "Stanford Simon Lab," "Stanford Law School Crown," and "Stanford SOM Building 1050B, AHU-13" underline NABCO's versatility in catering to the diverse needs of academic institutions.

These services facilitate the university's cutting-edge research, innovative academic programs, and its mission of fostering intellectual growth. Our services help facilitate the University's goal of offering a "lively, connected, and inspired community committed to academic excellence," by maintaining efficient and reliable building systems.

NABCO is proud to support Stanford University's endeavors in shaping future leaders, pioneering research, and transforming society through education. NABCO's engagement with both Stanford Health Care and Stanford University underlines a deep-rooted commitment to supporting medical innovation and education.

Through these strategic collaborations, NABCO continues to bolster its role as a trusted partner in healthcare services, contributing to Stanford's vision of transforming lives through healthcare innovation and education.


Stanford University

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