UC Berkeley: Cultivating Intellectual Growth

Our Collaboration

NABCO is proud to foster the pursuit of intellectual growth and innovation at UC Berkeley, a world-renowned higher education institution dedicated to the principles of academic excellence, open discourse, and social responsibility.

Through our long-standing collaboration, we have assisted UC Berkeley in creating optimal learning and research environments that underpin their commitment to advancing knowledge and addressing the world’s most challenging issues. Our engagement with UC Berkeley spans across several key projects, including the "UC Berkeley Weill Hall O’Hanile Lab," "UC Berkeley Weill Hall Aquatics Facility," and the "Berkeley Research Group 12th Floor."

These initiatives demonstrate our technical expertise in air and water balancing, environmental controls, and the capacity to adapt to a wide range of scientific and educational settings. Our work with the Weill Hall O’Hanile Lab and Aquatics Facility involved creating and maintaining environments that support rigorous scientific research, thereby enabling UC Berkeley's faculty and students to continue their tradition of trailblazing discoveries.

Our involvement with the Berkeley Research Group 12th Floor highlights our commitment to nurturing optimal academic and professional environments, further supporting UC Berkeley's mission. As UC Berkeley continues to "ignite and nurture a community of changemakers," NABCO is honored to provide the environmental stability that ensures the university's operations remain efficient, reliable, and conducive to the delivery of world-class education and pioneering research.

Our ongoing collaboration with UC Berkeley is a testament to our shared values of intellectual curiosity, innovation, and societal impact.


University of California, Berkeley

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